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"Qigong for Health & Healing"

DVD featuring qigong exercises to heal body, mind, and spirit! Complete with booklet explaining details of practice along with healing benefits. Fill out your personal "prescription pad" (included) to reach your goals on the path to wellness!

Price  $25.00  

"Eight Pieces of Brocade"

DVD of the famous medical qigong set of eight, gentle movements, reknowned for their curative effect for a varity of illnesses. Daily practice leads one to vibrant health and increased energy, as well as longer life!

Price  $15.00

"Yang-Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan Long Form - The 108"

Traditional Yang-style T'ai Chi Ch'uan, performed in a natural setting. Not a teaching tool, but can be useful in supplementing one's instruction with a qualified teacher.

Price  $25.00

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